About Us

JOSEPH & JOSEPH (J&J) is a research based multi- disciplinary law firm handling a niche clientele. For almost a decade now the significant experience of its Managing Partner and Associates has provided a broad range of Legal Services to Domestic as well as International Clients. Our Firm has had many accolades internationally for its success based on result oriented approach towards achieving client satisfaction. We work in partnership with our clients to develop strategies and solutions based on Our Client’s need which is also the Firm’s USP. With profound legal knowledge, expertise and work culture of creativity, pragmatism and solution- oriented approach we offer leading-edge combination of competencies to our clients with an outright commitment to deliver results. Our broad expertise, perspective and exposure contribute towards handling cases of any size or intricacy.

J&J advises upon the needs and requirements of clients covering a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial activities. As a closely knit law firm we have an intensive Client selection process so as to maximize our strength to areas where we can best add value.

Each Client of the Firm receives individual lawyer attention who works with a team of lawyers in tandem with the Client to deliver best results in a fast turn- around time. J&J places great emphasis on excellence of services, commercial approach to transactions, and efficiency of costs and turnaround time. Being a research based Law Firm the team at JnJ places great emphasis on providing clear, practical and concise advice and opinions to clients, which is based on detailed legal research and the professional experience of each lawyer. The Firm believes that knowledge is power not only for us but also for Our Clients hence the Firm regularly educates its clients on the changes in law and latest developments through its monthly newsletters.

J&J encourages versatility amongst its lawyers inter alia, the mastering of various transaction-related knowledge. A close understanding of commercial realities and having worked in diverse areas of Law our lawyers ensures that we are able to find the most appropriate approach suited to our clients need.

J&J has an effective professional network of associates with Pan India presence to cater to the multi-disciplinary needs of our clients. The Firm also has International network of Law Firms who regularly work in tandem with the Firm to deliver results where ever required. The Firm places high value on team building and mutual respect and enjoyment which is also reflected in our deliverables. The Firm maintains high standards of Client Confidentiality and the communications exchanged between us and Our Clients are treated with utmost care.